Key Stage 1 - Beech

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Key Stage 1 - Beech


Key Stage 1 - Beech


Key Stage 1 - Beech

Key Stage 1 - Beech

Can you use our four methods to solve the problems?


Can you use our methods to solve:

Y1 + yellow soundspots: (sharing circles) – Can you share 21 between two galaxies equally?

(groups) If there were 5 galaxies with 5 stars in each, how many stars would there be altogether?

Y2:  There were 27 astronauts training to go to space in the space centre, 39 more astronauts joined. 15 astronauts left to go to space. How many were left training?

There were 4 rockets with 5 astronauts in each rocket. How many astronauts were there altogether? Can you show this as a number sentence?

Can you share 120 stars between 12 galaxies? What would this be as a division sentence? As a multiplication sentence?

Key Stage 1 - Beech


Key Stage 1 - Beech

Have a look at these challenges and talk through your ideas with a grown-up at home!

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Key Stage 1 - Beech

Home learning

Key Stage 1 - Beech


Key Stage 1 - Beech

If this was a book cover… Guided reading comprehension.

Sometimes we can use just the cover and blurb of a book to predict what the book might be about… Sometimes we can spend a whole guided reading session not even opening the book!

Can you use this illustration to think about some of my questions using A.P.E (Answer my question. Prove it by linking it back to the illustration. Explain why it proves it.)



What is happening in the picture? What can you spot?

Who do you think the main characters are?

Why is there a mixture of colour and pen drawings in the illustration?

What do you think might happen in the story?

How do you think the character feels on the cover?

Does it remind you of anything you’ve ever read before?


Questioning – what questions might you ask about the illustration to understand it better? What do you want to find out?

Clarifying – can you find out what the buildings around the edge of the illustration are? Clue: search for major landmarks in countries in Europe!

Summarising – what is happening in the illustration? Tell me in just a few sentences.


Can you practise these skills with one of your favourite books at home?